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Why choose An aesthetic Clinic Durham?

Lipo Freeze 2U offer non surgical effective treatments Nationwide in our Aesthetic clinic – even from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Feel more confident today – speak to our team now here to support your wellness and body goals. 

If you have been considering a surgical treatment, such as traditional liposuction, we have the perfect non invasive alternative.

Body treatments & wrinkle reduction treatments available at our aesthetics clinic nationwide. From the first session you will notice an increased production of collagen.

To remove subcutaneous fat cells in a treatment area, suitable for all skin types and all ages – from jawline and jowls to flanks and buttocks Lipo Freeze 2U have the solution for you.

Aesthetic medicine can offer you smoother skin to make an informed decision book a free consultation today.

Book now in our Aesthetic Clinic Durham or even possible in privacy of your own home!


Fat Freezing Durham

Say goodbye to unwanted fat without the need for surgery!

Lipo Freeze state of the art cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, is a non-invasive treatment that specifically targets and eliminates those pesky fat cells.

Cryolipolysis works by targeting body fat at cold temperatures for effective fat reduction.

Using a specialized device, this procedure exposes the fat cells to extreme cold, causing them to freeze and ultimately die off and leave by the lymphatic system.

Cryolipolysis is perfect for stubborn areas like the lower abdomen and upper arms – its not weight loss option more noticeable results for body sculpting. 

Have the body of your dreams

LF2Sculpt Body Toning

Build Muscle & Burn Fat

2 treatments in 1.

Build muscle and help muscle tone, and reduce fat while no need for recovery time. 

Book at our aesthetic clinic or even for home based treatment!

Why choose Lipo Freeze 2U
  • Your local trusted Aesthetic clinic
  • Confidential & Fast Acting Aesthetic Treatments
  • Bespoke body and skincare treatments 
  • To ensure you get high quality optimal results everytime
  • Tailored treatment plan great alternative to surgical procedure
  • Safe and Effective Way to Sculpt your body and tighten skin
  • Cost effective and non invasive treatments that work!
  • No downtime go back to your daily activities ASAP
  • Why  not have a treatment in your lunch break!
  • Appointments available all over the UK!
  • Home appointments available at no extra charge!
  • All Treatments safe and FDA Approved
  • We can offer you the best results
  • As we only treat the treated area you want
  • Can treat all areas of the body – for your specific requirements
What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

Our team of experts can offer the perfect alternative to cosmetic injections.

With years of experience skin concerns, facial lines and body sculpting concerns are all treatable in our capable hands and cosmetic treatments.

Our amazing staff at the skin clinic can offer more youthful appearance, improvement with redness and elasticity issues even from the first time in our exceptionally clean clinic.

From full face to smaller eye lifts we offer a full and extensive aftercare advice.

If you are looking into aesthetic services rather than opting for minor surgery check out our skin treatment prices and consultation fees – or complete the contact form and our team will be in contact shortly.

I cannot express how grateful I am for discovering the LF2Sculpt body toning treatment. After giving birth, I struggled with diastasis recti, which resulted in split stomach muscles and persistent back pain. I tried various treatments, but nothing seemed to work – until I found LF2Sculpt.

L. Barker

I recently had the HIFU non-surgical facelift, and I couldn't be happier with the results! My wrinkles have significantly reduced, the fine lines are completely gone, and my neck looks lifted and rejuvenated. The procedure was quick and painless, and the results are absolutely stunning. I feel more confident and youthful. Highly recommend!

H. Cross

The results were incredible! I had a stubborn wart that wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. It completely disappeared. The procedure was quick, and I noticed a significant improvement almost immediately. I highly recommend CryoPen for anyone struggling with wart removal. It has truly made a difference for me.

L. Brown